What is breast augmentation by lipofilling?

Breast augmentation by lipofilling breasts using the patient's own body fat.

Procedure of breast augmentation by lipofilling

Breast lipofilling is a breast augmentation procedure that uses the patient's own fat to sculpt the breasts. The procedure lasts approximately two hours. The breast lipofilling procedure, although it can be carried out under local anesthesia combined with sedation, can also be carried out under general anesthesia in order to guarantee the well-being and comfort of the patient throughout the operation. This allows patients to remain unconscious and pain-free during the procedure, ensuring a more comfortable experience.

Before liposuction, the areas to be treated are marked, then the fat is removed using the BodyJet technique, allowing for continuous fat purification and cleansing. Then, the purified fat is reinjected into the breasts to achieve the desired volume. The operation ends with the application of a shaping panty and compression stockings to compress the sampling areas.

The aftermath of the procedure involves slight swelling and bruising, which resolves quickly. Pain is usually minimal, and return to normal activities is possible in less than a week, while physical exercise can be resumed after about three weeks. It is essential to follow post-operative recommendations to minimize complications.

Who is breast augmentation by fat injection for?

Breast augmentation by autologous fat injection, also known as breast lipofilling, is generally aimed at people looking for moderate breast augmentation, or patients preferring a more natural method than breast implants for example. Breast lipofilling also makes it possible to correct an asymmetry, a malformation or a development problem of the mammary gland.

How to choose the right size ?

If you opt for breast augmentation by lipofilling, to obtain natural results, you must assess your body shape, available fat and desired breast size. Discuss with your surgeon your realistic expectations, assess donor areas for fat extraction and aim for subtle enhancements that complement your physique, ensuring a natural and proportionate result.

Association of breast augmentation by lipofilling in Paris

Breast lipofilling can be used alone or in combination with breast implants for composite breast augmentation. It can also be part of body contouring, called "mommy makover", and be associated with an abdominoplasty. It can also be a secondary procedure to extensive liposuction to use all the fat that has been removed.

What is the price for breast augmentation by lipofilling in Paris?

The budget for breast lipofilling largely depends on the amount of areas to be liposuctioned to obtain enough fat for the visible augmentation and normally starts at €6000.

How to make an appointment with your cosmetic surgeon in Paris?

It is possible to make an appointment directly by telephone on 01 42 89 62 02.

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