Aesthetic Medicine

Mesotherapy, PRP and Stemcells

Mesotherapy is a treatment with the purpose to rejuvenate the skin. It increases the superficial blood circulation and gives a renewal of the skin cells. It also increases the drainage of the skin and thereby helps to restructure the subcutaneous tissues,and among other things, stimulates the hair growth.

Treatment of Wrinkles with Botox, Fillers, Hyaluronic Acid and other bio resorbable Fillers.

It is common that people are confounding treatment with Botox ( botulinum toxin ) and Hyaluronic Acid. Botox and Hyaluronic acid fillers are working very differently and are used in different zones in the face. Botox are used for wrinkles associated with muscle contractions, while hyaluronic acid fillers are used to fill out passive wrinkles (camouflage ) and to give volume where this is missing. During treatment of wrinkles however, it is often necessary to combine the two methods, and usually we start with Botox.

Treatment of wrinkles with botox

When treating facial wrinkles locally, it is important to differentiate between dynamic and static wrinkles.Static wrinkles are visible regardless of whether we use our facial mimic muscles or not. They are therefore very suitable for treatment with fillers.

Tension Threads and Soft Lifting

There are different threads for lifting. The principle is to introduce threads under the skin by a small incision under local anesthesia and to tighten the skin.
They are mainly used for the oval of the face, reinforcing the cheekbones and lifting the eyebrows and tighten the neck; They can also be used for other parts of the body.

Peeling and Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion is a mechanical abrasion of the facial skin. This is different from a Peeling, which is a chemical abrasion of the skin, but the purpose is the same, elimination of the superficial layer of the skin ( epidermis )
The peeling will also treat and correct sun damages of the skin from too much sun exposure. Peeling is also excellent to treat discoloration of the skin as well as acne scars. With a stronger peel we get a total rejuvenation of the face, not possible with a lifting alone.

Beautification of the hands :

Different techniques allows to beautify the hands:
Injection of a filler like hyaluronic acid, lipofilling, PRP, stimulation by stem cell enrichment, peelings, radiofrequency and mesotherapy.

Treatment of excessive sweating

Treatment for excessive sweating is highly appreciated for those who are suffering from this condition. There are mainly three targeted areas, hands, feet, and the armpits. Treatment is done with injections of Botox.

URGOTOUCH healing laser : unique laser technology

Although scar healing is an essential part of the skin healing process after a surgical procedure, it always leaves a discreet scar, which can never completely disappear, but can be further improved by the UrgoTouch laser technology.
More or less aesthetic and discrete, the residual scarring is unpredictable and random, since it depends on each individual.
The UrgoTouch treatment is performed under anesthesia, at the end of surgery; the procedure is completely painless.

Thread & Lift

Le Docteur vous propose un effet lifting par fils tenseurs, sans besoin d’intervention chirurgicale, grâce au fil Infinite-Thread®.