Internal and external lifting of the thighs, cosmetic surgery of the james and thighs by liposuction or liposuction

The thigh lift tightens sagging skin of the inner thigh. Liposuction can be done simultaneously to remove excess fat in the same area, which is often the case.


No aspirin based medication should be taken fifteen days prior to surgery.

The operation
The thigh lift is done under general anesthesia
Surgery takes about two hours.
Hospitalization takes from one to two days.

Incisions are placed in the groin extending downward and wrapping around the back of the thigh. The underlying tissue matrix will be reshaped and tightened, and skin will be reduced and draped again resulting in more proportionate and smoother body contours. Liposuction can be carried out simultaneously. Following surgery, bandages and a compression garment will minimize swelling and support the tissues as they heal.

Postoperative care
There will be bruising and swelling. They will disappear within an average of twenty days following surgery. Fifteen days sick leave is recommended, depending on the patient’s professional activities. The healing period may be a little unpleasant. Avoid movements that might endanger healing by stretching the area between sutures. Normal activities and exercises can be resumed a month and a half following surgery. Most of the sutures are resorbable so do not need removing.

The incisions are very visible in the beginning but then start to fade and progressively disappear..

The complications
Complications are always possible but exceptional (hematoma, infection, anaesthetic complications).
As in all surgical procedures complications can occur but this seldom happens.

  • Fluid accumulation, pulmonary complications
  • Cutaneous necrosis
  • Alteration in sensitivity Hence the preventive use of anti-thrombosis drugs and antibiotics, etc.

Can this operation be combined with other interventions?

Yes, especially in case of the remodelling of the body after a big weigth loss. In this case thigh lift can be a part of the complete bodylift, or can be done simultaneously with brahioplastie, breast lift or breast augmentation procedures. 

The results are visible after six months. In general, there will be an improvement in the contour of the thigh. The scars are normally hidden from sight since they are situated in the natural folds. Sometimes unsatisfactory results can occur, such as highly visible scar location, bunching and rippling in the skin near the suture lines or at the ends of the incisions. These imperfections can be corrected with secondary surgery. Liposuction can also produce irregular surfaces, which can likewise be corrected.

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