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Buttock lift, buttocks liposuction and lipofilling (fat injection), lipostructure and lipomodeling with or without prosthesis


The buttock lift is performed for sagging buttocks but can also be part of a lifting of the thighs. The most common incision is placed at the top of the buttock’s and meeting in the midline. It can however also be placed below to buttock’s in the crease of the thigh. If volume is needed, an implant can be added or the skin and fat which usually is discarded can be used for volume. Lipo injection can also be used to add volume to the buttock’s, with or without the lifting.



Avoid taking aspirin for 15 days prior to surgery.

The operation

Surgery will be done using general anesthesia, or some time a spinal anesthesia. Hospitalization is usually required for one night. The surgery lasts a couple of hours on average. Drains are commonly used, and will in that case be taken out after one day or two.

Postoperative care

Swelling and bruising may occur, but will disappear over two weeks following surgery. Any postoperative pain is treated with analgesics, and is usually not a problem. For most patients the surgeon will prescribe 2 to 4 weeks of sick leave. The healing procedure can be unpleasant. The patient must avoid any stretching movement of the buttock’s for at least three weeks, and avoid to sit down as much as possible during this period. Exercising and normal activity can be resumed one month after surgery, as well as baths and swimming.

The complications

As with any surgery, complications are possible but fortunately rare. Specific complications that could be but not limited to:

  • infection
  • fluid accumulation, a seroma in the buttock region
  • hematoma
  • decreased skin sensation, normally temporary
  • bad scarring, which can be treated


A smoother and tighter buttock’s, where the volume has been shifted from below to above is the final result. The volume may also have been increased, or decreased depending on need. The quality of the scar may vary, but if in some parts not optimal, it can usually be corrected later.

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