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Face and neck lifts, also known as cervico-facial lifts, are becoming increasingly popular among men. When men reach a certain age, it's common to notice that the skin on the face relaxes, giving a tired appearance. This sagging is often accompanied by a double chin and jowls.

A face and neck lift performed by an aesthetic surgeon in Paris can rejuvenate a man's appearance and reduce the signs of aging.

What is a male face and neck lift?

A facelift or necklift is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic surgery procedures for men. After the age of 50, the face and neck lift offers a real rejuvenation effect on men. However, unlike the classic facelift for women, there are some particularities to be noted for men: the location of the scars is shorter due to the lack of hair, and the chin implant is often useful.

Different types of facelift for men

Dr. Bergeret Galley, plastic surgeon in Paris, performs several types of facelift for men. In fact, each facelift technique enables us to target a specific area.

  • Cervico-facial lift : Treatment of the oval, neck and jowls.
  • Temporal lift : Effect on the eyebrow line to open up and enhance the gaze.
  • Forehead lift : This type of lift is performed when the eyebrows are very droopy, the forehead is small and the glabella wrinkles (frown lines) are very pronounced.

The advantages of a face and neck lift for men?

As with women, the physiological aging process in men is gradual. More and more men are finding it difficult to come to terms with aging, and are turning to cosmetic surgery earlier to treat volume loss and facial sagging, and to eliminate jowls and wrinkled necks

A facelift gives patients a more rested look and improved self-confidence.

Face lift: At what age is it advisable for men?

For the vast majority of men, requests for face and neck lifts appear around the age of 50. The oval of the face, the jawline and the chin are less and less defined, combined with the appearance of jowls. Some men wishing to anticipate the effects of aging opt for a mini facelift, which can be performed from the age of 45.

However, when the sagging becomes too severe, the cervico-facial lift is the only procedure that can restore tension to the skin of the face and neck. This procedure offers a long-lasting rejuvenating effect, without altering the expression of the mouth or the shape of the face. However, a successful facelift does not alter facial expression.

Additional face and neck lift procedures for men

For optimal results, it may be necessary to combine the following techniques with a face and neck lift:

  • neck liposuction,
  • eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty),
  • autologous fat injection (lipofilling), particularly to treat hollow cheeks,
  • hyaluronic acid injections,
  • botulinum toxin injections.

How much does a male facelift in Paris cost?

Depending on the surgical technique used, the type of anesthesia and the additional procedures performed by your Paris 8th arrondissement plastic surgeon, the price of a facelift ranges from 8,500 to 15,000 euros.

We are often asked whether the procedure is covered by health insurance. You should know that this is not possible, as a male cervico-facial lift is a surgical procedure that is not reimbursed, except for the after-effects of facial paralysis.

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