Plastic and Aesthetic surgery in Paris

Dr Bergeret-Galley Catherine

« In search of perfection and natural beauty.
Woman - surgeon, professional, passionate and dedicated. »
  • Operated more than 5000 patients: women, men and children
  • Speaks french, english, italian and german 
Catherine Bergeret-Galley est chirurgien esthétique et plastique à Paris
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My Aesthetic interventions

Surgery of the body

Surgery of the body

Aesthetic surgery of the body allows us to create a new contour of the body for both women and men.

Surgery of the face

Surgery of the face

Here you can find all the aesthetic interventions of the face which allows you to find a new youth.

Female genital surgery

Female genital surgery

Aesthetic surgery of the female genitalia is a very important area, that helps a woman to feel good about her body, even if it is her secret.

Aesthetic surgery for men

Aesthetic surgery for men

Has as goal to correct physical disharmonies and making him feel good about his body.

Aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine

Dr. Bergeret Galley can offer you the latest techniques and innovations in the area of aesthetic medicine.

Questions récentes

    6 months ago

    Combien coûte un lifting visage et cou ?

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  • Je ne veux pas d'implants, mais j'aimerais avoir moins de soutien-gorge sans mes ballons à moitié dégonflés qui rebondissent. Quelles sont les solutions possibles ?

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  • AlexandraW
    5 months ago

    Is it true that if you do liposuction to take fat out of your body (like your thighs or calves for example), it will just “show up” somewhere else?

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URGOTOUCH : Unique laser technology

UrgoTouch: for all is a new beauty, scar after interventions of aesthetic intervention. A unique laser technology.


Plastic Surgery, Plastic Reconstructive Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Societies

In France, SOFCPRE and SOFCEP are two trusted learning communities. At the international level, the main learned companies are represented by the Aesthetic Society and the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) to promote excellence in the field of plastic surgery worldwide. The company is dedicated to educating patients and their safety. There are many learned societies for specific disciplines such as rhinoplasty or by country.


Here you can find all the actualities concerning aesthetic plastic surgery with our aesthetic surgeon Dr. Bergeret Galley.

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