BREAST | Make the right choice in cosmetic surgery in Paris

Are you looking for the right procedure with your cosmetic surgeon in Paris for your breasts ?
You're still hesitating, and that's normal! Choosing the right cosmetic surgeon in Paris and the best cosmetic surgery for your breasts, Dr Bergeret-Galley, renowned plastic surgeon, recognized by the best specialists, will find all the solutions completely adapted to your needs.

Breast Augmentation with implants

Implantation of Breast Protheses is one of the most popular cosmetic Surgeries. Aesthetic breast augmentation is aimed for women suffering from small Breasts or hypoplasia.

Breast augmentation with Fat

Breast augmentation with your own Fat has been practiced the last 25 years. This technique has been more and more popular through advances in the fat transfer technique.

Breast Reduction

Breast hypertrophy means too big breasts compared to the body size, usually combined with sagging breasts. Besides the physical consequences , back and neck pain and difficulties to find clothes, the psychological suffering is frequent especially for girls and young women.
The goal for the surgery is to diminish the volume and give a shape that is harmonious with the body .

Breast Lifting

With age , pregnancies and heavy weight loss , the breasts can sag and fall. This is what we call ptose.
Regardless if the breasts are smaller or larger, sagging breasts are a serious aesthetic and psychological problem.The surgery and scars are very much alike those of the breast reduction, but are not covered by the health insurance.

Breast Reconstruction

More than 40 000 women are diagnosed with Breast cancer every year in France. This is a very traumatisk experience, even if cured , the consequence is loosing a breast.Many women feel that they are loosing also a part of their femininity.


Gynecomasty is an enlargement of the breast glands of men.The causing reason is normally obesity , but can also be caused by an imbalance of the hormons in the body. This is very embarrassing for a man.