Nymphoplasty, labioplasty or labiaplasty, women's genital surgery

LABIOPLASTY or surgery of the external genitalia

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The indications for surgery is divided between the functional aspect and the aesthetic aspect. A common reason for doing this operation is when the external genitalia are different from what would be desired . The labias may also be damaged after multiple or traumatic deliveries. The most common demand for improvement is when the inner lips are larger than the outer lips and hang below and outside of them. The woman is not satisfied with the appearance of her sex. This is sometimes very disturbing for women and sometimes their spouse.

As total pubic hair removal is quite common today, making the female sex very visible, most of these patients demand a reduction of the internal lips or/ and a lipofilling of the labia majora to retonify and reshape them.

Even the external lips (labia majora) can be abnormally large, sometimes visible through tight clothes. They can be reduced with longitudinal resection at the same time as nymphoplasty for the labia minora.

A vaginal lipofilling can easily be combined; It will naturally tighten the vagina and improve vaginal dryness by improving the quality of the mucosa.

In some cases, the size and prominence of labia minora can generate a functional problem especially during sexual intercourse, or during sports such as riding and cycling.


Labioplasty is a frequent but sensitive operation. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia with general sedation in ambulatory hospitalisation. You go out the same day.The small lips or labia minora can be reduced or remodeled by a longitudinal direct resection at the upper edge eliminating the frequent hyperpigmentation sometimes troublesome for the patients and / or “V” plasties to reduce the excess length. The healing is completed in 2 weeks and sexual activity can be resumed in 4 weeks. The scar is almost invisible after 2 months.

What are the complications after a labioplasty?

There are very few complications, possibly a small disunion which will be sutured if necessary.

Can nymphoplasty be associated with another genital surgery?

For patients with an abnormally large or loose vagina a vaginoplasty and/ or fat re-injections into the vagina may be associated with a labiaplasty. In case of loss of volume of the labia majora, lipofilling or injections of specific hyaluronic acid can pump them up .

The dedicated hyaluronic acid is very useful for reshaping the labia majora and rehydrating the mucous membranes (DESIRIAL).

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