Treatment of Wrinkles with Fillers

Treatment of Wrinkles with Fillers

Hyaluronic acid is used to give fullness but also reshapes the face by filling in wrinkles and other areas that can be improved: the nasolabial folds , lips, contour of the mouth, cheeks and cheekbones and periorbital region A new indication is also a filling of the temporal region, which emptiness can produce an ageing effect. It is often confused with the BOTOX treatment. You should know that injections of botulotoxin  are used only on the wrinkles that are formed due to excess of mimic movements.

Injection of Hyaluronic Acid

Having evaluated the depth of the wrinkle (deep or superficial) light and the type of skin (fatty, dry, thin, thick) an equivalent volume of a lighter or more dense implant is injected. A second appointment will be made after four to six weeks to adjust for a perfect result. This is particularly important for delicate areas such as lips and periorbital area or region.

Side effects of hyaluronic acid

Immediate side effects

Redness might happen but will disappear within twenty-four hours. Bruising can occur when a vessel is punctured. This can be avoided by compressing several minutes after the injection. A significant edema is possible especially if the injection is performed too quickly or in too large amount, and also with patients prone to swelling. This can be treated with oral administration of corticosteroids for few days.

Delayed side effects

Excessive volume may lead to “bumps” or “nodules”, which can sometimes be sensible. They will gradually disappear as long as they are not manipulated. Temporary hyper pigmentation especially on colored, black or Asian skins has been reported. This is caused by injections made too superficial and also deposits of hemosiderine (blood pigment). Secondary localized edemas are possible. These disappear over time, the product being completely resorbable in the long term. In case of persistence a small injection of hyaluronidase will help;

Traitement des rides : Injection d’acide hyaluronique


Pure hyaluronic acid is an excellent filler product for facial contouring and reshaping . It can be used alone or as a supplement in plastic aesthetic surgery (face lift, blepharoplasty or other).

Given the many years in which hyaluronic acid has been used, tolerance has proved to be excellent. As long as the correct product is chosen in respect to skin type and area to be treated, patient satisfaction is very high.

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