Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery


The breasts are in the center of the female identity. When they are too small we enlarged them, breast augmentation with implantsor breast prothèses. This is calledlipofilling. When they are too large we make them smaller it is breast reductionfor breast hypertrophy. When they are hanging we do a breast lifting. Breast reconstruction is done on patients who had a partial or total amputation of breast due to breast cancer.


A beautiful looking body is equally important for men and women. For men it is usually a question of liposuction to achieve the right shape. For women the problem is usually arising after having children. Extra weight that has accumulated during pregnancy, can be very difficult to get rid of. The solution is sometimesliposuction, but frequently an abdominoplasty is a good choice, and if the patient has lost a lot of weight, a body lift can be the solution. Patients who has lost weight are sometimes candidates for a brachioplasty or arms lipofilling or lifting of the inner thigh ou cruroplastie . Brazilian butt liftalso calledBBLis done with a combination of liposuction andreinjection of the fat in the buttocks, lipofilling of the buttocksorliposculpture.
We also use butt.. implants if needed.
Liposculpture of the legs,is a circumferential treatment of the legs with liposuction and lipofilling. All these things is contributing to a healthy looking body.


The face is the area of the body that is constantly exposed to the sun and wind, and if we do not take care of the skin, this shows when we get older. Sometimes we age in a way that seems to change the personality. We are living longer, and a more active to a higher age. Afaceliftwith alipofilling, a brow lift or/and blepharoplasty or eyelids surgerycan make us look younger than we are, so that there is a harmony between how we looks, and how we feel inside. A younger person who is not ready for a facelift can benefit from injections with fillers and Botox. The brow lift is today done with endoscopic technique and very small incisions in the hair but we also performed forhead lifting . Otoplasty is the only surgery done on children, it should be done in early age to avoid the stigmatization in school. The nose is very central for the character of the face, and can be a reason for severe suffering during a lifetime. A rhinoplasty or a nose job can change your life . Sometimes the rhinoplasty is combined with a chin implant to improve the balance of the face this is called profiloplasty

Female genitalia or intimate surgery

Intimate surgery has attracted an enormous interest the last 10 years. The habit of shaving the external genitalia, is exposing the sex in a new way. For many women thevagina and their external genitalia is ruined through child deliveries. Tightening the vagina, vaginoplasty can be a solution for couples that have lost their lust for having sex. Over the years the external labia is shrinking, and at the same time the internal labia is getting longer and heavier. Alabiaplasty in combination withlipofilling can be helpful. Sometimes the internal labia are so large that they become a problem with tight clothing, sports activities and having sex.


For men, plastic surgery has for long time been a taboo. This has led to that men don’t talk to each other about things like plastic surgery, which they are longing to have. Men are usually most interested in blepharoplasty, liposuction of the chin, and liposuction of the love handles. But more and more men are today coming to us for a facelift, which will make them look how to they feel on the inside. Something specific for men isgynecomastia, which is an abnormal enlargement of the breast glands.