What is Blepharoplasty in men?

Blepharoplasty is an aesthetic eyelid procedure. It is possible to distinguish upper, lower or total blepharoplasty depending on the corrected eyelids (upper eyelids, lower eyelids or all 4 eyelids).

This intervention corrects the signs of skin aging and corrects hereditary disgraces that occur in young men.

Eyelid surgery in men: indications

Around the age of 40, more and more men are asking Doctor Bergeret Galley, a cosmetic surgeon in Paris 8ème to perform eyelid surgery. The change in expression of the eyes due to bags under the eyes, dark circles, excess skin and sliding of the skin on the upper eyelid and eyelashes, and casting a shadow on the eyes which then appear tired, sad or severe are the main reasons for performing blepharoplasty in men.

Areas treated with blepharoplasty in men

Like As we have indicated, eyelid surgery can be performedonly on the upper eyelids (upper blepharoplasty), on the lower eyelids  (lower blepharoplasty)or on all four eyelids simultaneously. It helps correct a drooping look and awaken a tired complexion.


    • The upper blepharoplasty of men : carrying out this area makes it possible to eliminate excess skin forming over the years on the upper eyelids.
    • The lower blepharoplasty of men: in order to remove excess skin located under the eyes and any fatty pockets.
  • The surgery on the four eyelids of men allows you to simultaneously treat disgraces of the upper and lower eyelids. This complete blepharoplasty is the most effective, giving men a luminous look.

Eyelid surgery in men: results

After performing blepharoplasty on men, the result is immediate with a refreshed, brighter look. Edema and bruising are noted and can prevent us from fully appreciating the result which can be observed after around ten days.

Possible association with blepharoplasty

The blepharoplasty is often associated with face lifting, of which it completes the rejuvenating effect.

Although blepharoplasty can be performed alone, it is possible to combine eyelid surgery in men with other facial cosmetic surgery procedures such as:

  • The face lift
  • The neck lift
  • botulinum toxin (botox®) injections to correct expression lines and/or straighten drooping eyebrows
  • hyaluronic acid injections to fill in wrinkles and deep furrows
  • peels to give radiance to the complexion
  • laser treatments

Facial lifting: From what age is it recommended for men?

For a large majority of men, requests for face and neck lifts appear around the age of fifty. The oval of the face, the jaw and the chin are less and less defined, associated with the appearance of jowls. Some men wishing to anticipate the effects of aging opt for the mini facelift which can be offered from the age of 40.

However, when the sagging becomes too significant, the cervico-facial lift is the only intervention that will allow the skin of the face and neck to be re-tensioned. This procedure offers a long-lasting rejuvenating effect, without changing the facial expressions and shape of the face.

Complementary techniques for face and neck lifting in men

In combination with face and neck lifting, it may be necessary to combine the following techniques to obtain optimal results:

  • neck liposuction,
  • an intervention on the eyelids (blepharoplasty),
  • an autologous fat injection (lipofilling) particularly to treat sunken cheeks,
  • hyaluronic acid injections,
  • botulinum toxin injections.

What is the price of blepharoplasty for men?

Depending on the operating technique used, the type of anest

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