Msculinisation du visage homme

The masculinization of the face for men is a frequent demand, due to advancements in this area, new possibilities and techniques that boosted this type of surgical request. Often men want to appear more virile and masculine, especially those with long and very thin faces.

The masculinization of the face often involves enlarging the middle and lower thirds of the face, in order to highlight the relief of the jaw and chin, to better balance the profile, the forehead, the nose, the chin, to give a little volume to the lips, to repair temples that are too hollow or cheekbones that are too flat. In short, redistribute the volumes of the face.

Implants and lipofilling of the face

This action is essentially carried out through facial implants and the technique of facial lipofilling with fat transfer from your own fat.

Facial implants

Facial implants are made of semi-rigid silicone or mepore, they are well tolerated, and can be placed in the orbital arches, cheekbones, chin, and mandibular angles.
There is no visible scarring, as most incisions are placed in the mouth, under the chin or hidden under the upper or lower eyelid.

Facial lipofilling

Facial lipofilling completes the action of volume redistribution and also improves the quality of the skin. A large quantity of fat must be injected to give volume to the nose, chin, lips, temples and orbital arch.
The fat is taken from areas of the body where it is in excess.

What are the results obtained by this masculinization of the jaw?

If the request is justified, the result of facial masculinization is very gratifying for the patient.

Avant/Après masculinisation du visage un homme

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