URGOTOUCH : Unique laser technology

Urgotouch, la cicatrisation laser pour améliorer votre cicatrice

Unique laser technology

URGOTOUCH belle cicatrice après intervention de chirurgie esthétique

UrgoTouch : for all those who want a scar as discreet as possible after their plastic surgery. A unique laser technology..


Although scar healing is an essential part of the skin healing process after a surgical procedure, it always leaves a discreet scar, which can never completely disappear, but can be further improved by the UrgoTouch laser technology.
More or less aesthetic and discrete, the residual scarring is unpredictable and random, since it depends on each individual.
The UrgoTouch treatment is performed under anesthesia, at the end of surgery; the procedure is completely painless.

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How is UrgoTouch treatment administered?

The doctor uses the laser on the scar area during the operation.

How long does UrgoTouch treatment take?

UrgoTouch treatment is very short, it is performed at one time at the time of surgery.

What is the evidence of effectiveness of UrgoTouch treatment?

The effectiveness of UrgoTouch is clinically proven through a study conducted by the Plastic Surgery Department of Pr Casanova at the University Hospital Center of Marseille.

What are the precautions and information to tell your doctor before UrgoTouch treatment?

There is no specific precaution to take to benefit UrgoTouch treatment. Some precautions should be taken before any surgical procedure, discuss it with your doctor.

Among all the elements to be taken into account to determine the patient's eligibility for UrgoTouch® treatment, the doctor will be interested in the following elements among others:
  • a history of skin conditions, skin inflammatory disorders, healing disorders, autoimmune diseases, Herpes Simplex Virus infection.
  • treatments taken by the patient that may interfere with his / her scar process and / or laser treatment at 1210nm.
  • absence of implant, prosthesis, tattoos that may interfere with heated tissue.

What are the precautions to take after surgery on the scar?

After the procedure, exposure of the scar to light should be avoided as much as possible and it is recommended to use high factor sunscreens or maximum (> 50) until the scar tissue matures, as well as to hydrate the area concerned.

Seins Avant/Après Cicatrisation laser URGOTOUCH

What is the difference between a flash lamp and a laser?

Flash lamps are mainly used for depilatory acts. Laser treatments have a wider medical use and are strictly reserved for health professionals.

I am underage. Can I benefit from UrgoTouch treatment?

There is no contraindication to benefit from UrgoTouch® treatment by being underage. However, UrgoTouch should not be used:
  • In pregnant or breast-feeding  women,
  • In infants and children under 2 years.

In the absence of clinical data, it is not recommended to use the UrgoTouch® system on children and adolescents

I am pregnant. Can I benefit from UrgoTouch treatment?

UrgoTouch should not be used for pregnant woman

Is there any risk ? Side effects?

Some non-specific adverse events may occur, independently of the laser, after any surgical procedure in which an incision of the skin integument is made:
  • swelling, edema, ecchymosis,
  • necrosis,
  • disunion of suture,
  • superficial or deep skin infection,
  • pain, pruritus,
  • bleeding,
  • hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation scars,
  • abnormal scars ranging from unsightly scar to keloid

Certain local adverse events specific to the use of any non-ablative laser can also be observed:
  • edema, related to the vasodilatation induced by the thermal effect of the laser. This phenomenon resolves spontaneously in 2-3 days.
  • erythema, related to the vasodilatation of the vessels induced by the thermal effect of the laser. It also resolves spontaneously in less than 5 days.
  • transient post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, often due to solar exposure after treatment, may be spontaneous in dark phototypes.

The resolution usually occurs in a few weeks. Sun protection is unavoidable and depigmenting creams can be used if necessary.

What is the price of UrgoTouch treatment?

Your doctor will tell you the cost of UrgoTouch treatment during your consultation.

What are the contraindications?

Only your surgeon can determine if the UrgoTouch procedure is right for you
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Votre chirurgien utilise une nouvelle technologie laser, unique, qui s’utilise juste après la suture dans le but d’améliorer le résultat cicatriciel post-chirurgical.

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Le médecin utilise le laser sur la zone de cicatrice pendant l’opération.

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