Gynecomastia, breast surgery for men

Gynecomastia surgery: is it for you?

Gynecomastia is an increase in the amount of breast gland tissue in boys or men. The most common reason for this condition is obesity, but it can also be the case of hormonal imbalance, nevertheless the resulting condition is often embarrassing for a man. For overweight men, the glands of the breast may be proportionally large but if the patient loses weight, the glands might remain large and swollen. Which can be frustrating and embarrassing for men because it gives them a feminine physique. After several tests, including a hormonal check-up, mammography or ultrasound if necessary.

In most cases, gynecomastia can be treated with liposuction and this alone gives very good results. The operation is done under general anesthesia, which is more comfortable for the patient or under a local anesthesia combined with sedation. However, if the glands of the chest are particularly large with poor skin quality (stretch marks), surgery similar to breast reduction of a woman can be performed in order to remove both excess skin, fat and the glands of the chest.

The procedure

As with any surgical intervention, it is recommended to inform the Doctor of any treatments in progress and to avoid blood thinning drugs, such aspirin 2 weeks before the operation. The operation lasts approximately 1 hour and can be done under local anesthesia combined with sedation. The treatment of gynecomastia consists in most cases in liposuction or liposuction and skin resection. The scars will be clearly explained. If the breasts are very large will be used the same technique qs for female breast reduction with the scars placed vertically, around the areola and under breast if necessary. The patient can normally return home the same day (ambulatory surgery) or stay for their own comfort overnight at the clinic.

What is the result?

The improvement is immediate, even if the final result is only acquired after several months. Recovery time varies according to the individual ability to heal as well as the technique chosen by the surgeon, but in general the patient can resume work within 1 to 3 weeks. The scars will be visible for a few months, then gradually fade.

What are the possible complications?

Inherent in surgery, they are always probable but exceptional and can easily be treated. Possible complications are bleeding, infections, or temporary skin sensitivity disorders.

Final outcome?

Normalization of breast volume after this cosmetic breast intervention, which is extremely gratifying and psychologically satisfying for the man who suffered from gynecomastia.

Budget for a gynecomastia operation

The cost of treatment for gynecomastia, including the clinic and anesthesia is between 2,500 and 4,500 euros. It depends on the duration of the surgery and the difficulties encountered.

This type of intervention can be combined with belly liposuction to further reshape the silhouette, especially if the surgery is done as a treatment of after-effects of obesity. Another combined procedure can be an abdominal plastic surgery or an increasingly frequent bodylift.

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  • Question
    Patient du Dr Bergeret-Galley
    3 years ago

    Bonjour Docteur j'aimerai savoir si vous faite la pose d'implants mammaires sur homme désirant devenir femme et si oui qu'elle ai votre tarif pour deux implants tout compris et qu'elle volume maxi peut on mettre lors de la première intervention merci cordialement angélique

    • Réponse

      Dr Bergeret-Galley
      3 years ago

      Bonjour Angélique, Oui, je pourrais poser les implants mammaires pour l'homme. Le volume des prothèses dépendrait de la qualité des tissus du patient et de leur capacité d'expansion. Normalement, dans ce cas, il ne devrait pas dépasser 300 ml pour la première intervention. Le budget pour cette opération serait d'au moins 5000 Euros.