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Gynecomastia, breast surgery for men


Abnormally large breasts on a male are often a result of obesity .That is ,the volume consists of fat and not a real gland.
Sometimes enlarged breasts may be of hormonal origin and in other cases the reason is a side effect of some medication. Regardless of which, we call this Gynecomastia

Following analysis, particularly hormonal assessment and mammography, the patient can undergo breast reduction, since gynecomastia frequently presents social and psychological difficulties for the patient.

The operation consists in most cases of a liposuction, and in some difficult cases , excisional surgery. This is always done under general anesthesia. If the breasts are very enlarged , the techniques used are the same as for breast reduction.

Hospitalization lasts one day at the most, and the improvement is immediate, even if the final result takes several months.

The convalescence varies, depending on the individual’s healing capacity as well as the technique chosen by the surgeon, but usually the patient can be back at work within 1 – 3 weeks.

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