Vaginoplasty and Lipo Filling of the Vagina

Surgery of the female genital organs is today not limited to the external part, the labia minora, labia majora, the clitoris with it´s hood and the mons pubis. Vagino plasty is today part of the genital feminine surgery, and is very often practiced by Dr. Catherine Bergeret Galley, on the demand of her patients.

Labia plasty

One of the most common surgeries in this category. It is done on the demand of patients who are not satisfied with appearance of their sex, and feeling embarrassed, being shaved in sexual relations.

Mons pubis

This part just above the labia majora is called mons pubis. This area can be very large and be visible through tight clothes, being a reason for embarrassment.


This is not a very common operation, and only done for cultural and social reasons.

Treatment of vagina dryness with PRP and hyaluronic acid

One woman of six is suffering from vaginal and vulvar dryness. This is mostly caused by the menopause, but can also happen during earlier life due to a medical treatment or an infection.

Repair of genital mutilation

Genital mutilation is also done of cultural reasons. It’s very often connected to to severe infections due to non-sterilized instruments. Severe bleeding can also jeopardize the life of young girls who are forced to do this. The closed birth canal leads to very difficult deliveries with, common secondary damages to the rectum