The 1st real facelift with suspension threads

Treated areas

The 1st real facelift with suspension threads

Preliminary basis: a mandatory combination

Our solution is based on 3 key points : the Infinite-Thread®,  a medical or surgical technique depending on the needs of the patient, and our high-end training. It is the alliance of these 3 pillars that gives our solution its quality and exclusivity.


  • Core in polyester
  • Solid silicone coating
  • 1,4mm
  • 30 cm
  • Bidirectional cogs
  • 4 cogs every 1,5mm
  • With blunt needles

INFINITE-THREAD®: high end technology

View from the side

View from the face

  • “8 axis” hooking : Each series of cogs is offset of 45°
  • Non turning cogs : Conical shape to reinforce the cogs
  • Flexible silicone : Follow the natural movement of the patient’s face
  • Extrémité arrondie : Aucun risque de trauma pour les tissus du patient

Une réversibilité absolue

Pictures from the animation of the removal process of Infinite-Thread®

Thread can always be removed without any sequelae and without time limit just by injecting anaesthetic solution to create a tumescence of the subcutaneous tissues. (Very low fibrosis)

Our thread can always be removed without difficulty:


Thread is coloured and is not white so it is impossible to confound it with human tissues. 


Moreover, the threads will not migrate thanks to their technology of cogs, which ensures a good idea of their location.


However, even if you do not have it, the thread is visible to ultrasound so you can find it without exploring the tissues of your patient.

« Permanent thread lift must not be seen as a life commitment by the patient. »

Lifting with PDO dissolvable V-threads

PDO microthreads are the latest achievement in nonsurgical body and face lifting procedures. Ii gained its rightful place in doctors offices from USA to Korea.

PDO stands for Polydioxanone and it differs from the other lifting techniques as it can be applied in a single 30 min session without any incisions or sutures.

PDO threads are coming to the aesthetic procedures from the ophthalmological surgeries. They are inserted in the dermis and include collagen which tightens and smoothes the skin, providing a facelift-like effect. After insertion, the threads are absorbed by the body in 6-8 months. But over 12-18 months the collagen fibers that have stayed provide better and better tightening effects.

PDO Thread lift can be used when the first aging signs, such as sagging of the skin, loss of jawline contour, flaccidity appear. The main areas for treatment are the forehead, jawline, cheeks and neck.

This new technique has shown certain advantages:

  • Facelift with minimal complications or allergic reactions
  • With additional sessions the results can be enhanced
  • You can combine the procedure with other aesthetic interventions in the area
  • There is no added volume to the skin
  • The threads are dissolving through time on their own

PDO thread lift therapy doesn't replace classic facelift operation, but can sufficiently delay the need of the surgery.

The cost of the treatment depends largely on the amount of threads that need to be implanted. Usually it varies between 1200 to 2000 euro.

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  • Question
    Patient du Dr Bergeret-Galley
    4 years ago

    What is the least invasive and also cheapest option to get rid of wrinkles. especially the nose to mouth one.

    • Réponse

      Dr Bergeret-Galley
      4 years ago

      If you mean the nasolabial folds, cheapest way would be to put PPDO suture (lifting threads), you can also go for the hyaluronic acid injections once a year if the wrinkles are not too deep and the skin is not sagging. But please be careful with what is injected, don’t let anybody inject you with a bad product, choose your specialist.