Face and neck lift

The goal with a facelift is to eliminate excessive skin, which is hanging and sometimes totally inelastic especially along the cheek and jawline and of the neck.

Brow lift

The brow lift is targeting the upper part of the face. It is done with endoscopic technique leaving a few very small incisions behind the hair line. It is one of the most gratifying surgeries in the field of aesthetic surgery.

Vertical facelift

This surgery is targeting the middle part of the face including the lower eyelids. The operation is done both for men and women.

Blepharoplasty and surgery of the eyelids

The eyes are the mirror of the soul, people say and the eyelids are an important part of the facial expression.

Lipofilling of the face

Can be done alone or in combination with a facelift


Surgery of the nose is called rhinoplasty, and is one of the most common operations in aesthetic plastic surgery.


Surgery of the ears is one of the few operations done on children for aesthetic purposes.