Surgery of Mons Pubis


Surgery of the Mont Venus and lifting of the pubis, who is it for?

The part above the external lips and the clitoris is called the pubis. This part can be very wide and bulging and can be visible through tight clothing and cause discomfort.

The most common treatment is liposuction with no visible scar. If the excess of skin is too large, it will be necessary to make a lifting by a skin resection. The scar gradually fades and allows to reduce the size and the prominence of the pubis

How does a genital surgery of the Mont Venus take place with Dr. BERGERET-GALLEY, plastic surgeon Paris?

Genital surgery is done in a clinic in ambulatory hospitalisation and under local anesthesia associated with a small general sedation.

The liposuction of the pubis is a simple gesture that leaves no scar visible .

Can surgery of the mont Venus be combined with another surgery?

During abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), the incision is just above the pubis. During the operation the skin and excess fat of the abdomen are removed and this discovers the pubis and makes it more visible if a liposuction of the pubis is not done at the same time.

This area is well known to Dr. Bergeret-Galley who practices a large number of abdominoplasties after pregnancy or obesity, every year.

What are the consequences of a genital surgery of the Mont of Venus?

The healing is uncomplicated. Patient can be discharged the same day unless there is a combined abdominoplasty.

What are the complications after surgery of the Mont Venus

There are very few complications; A small hematoma or bleeding are exceptional and simple to treat.

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