Lifting des fesses, la chirurgie esthétique des fesses par liposuccion puis lipofilling (injection de graisse), lipostructure et lipomodelage avec ou sans prothèse

Buttocks augmentation by implants

There are big request in the last 10 years fot the augmentation of the buttocks. There are several different ways to achieve a fuller, rounder silhouette. For some the best way to fill up the butt area is to do a fat grafting (lipofilling procedure), but if you just don't have enought fat to extract from your body, there won't be any to inject. For this situation there are silicon implants.

Preparing for the operation

General pre-operative instructions are more or less the same as with any other intervention:

  • no blood thinning drugs
  • no aspirin
  • no anti-inflammatory drugs

It is always better oif you could lead the healthy lifestyle and stop smoking for a while.

For the best result you should be also in your best form, holding stable body weight for the last 6 month at least.

How is it done?

Operation is usually performed with the general anasthesia. The insision is made in the crease between two cheeks or the other place depending of your anatomical speifics.

The silicon implans is placed them above, inside or under the gluteal muscle on each side.

The Doctor will choose the methode of protheses placement depending on the type and size of chosen implant. The sutures are resorbable and normally do not need to be taken out later.
In the end the dressing that models the buttocks is applied.

What are the risks?

Any intervention in human body carries some ricks. The complications are rare for the buttocks augmentation but may include:

  • A hematoma
  • An infection
  • Loss of skin sensitivity

Rare complications due to implants are : capsular contraction. In this case theadditional surgery will be needed to resolve the problem. However it is not always nessesary to replace implant.

Result of operation

The final result is usually obtained within 3-6 month after the procedure after all the post-operative swelling is gone. The result is long lasting and normally doesnt need additional interventions over the years. However the implant should ve checked once a decade to make sure their integrety was not compromised.

Avant/Après augmentation avec implants -  Prothèses de fesses | Paris
Profil Avant/Après augmentation fesses avec implants - Prothèses de fesses | Paris

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