Rejuvenation of the Hands with Lipofilling and Mesotherapy

Rejuvenation of the Hands with Lipofilling and Mesotherapy

Beautification of the hands :

Different techniques allow to beautify the hands:
Injection of a filler like hyaluronic acid, lipofilling, PRP, stimulation by stem cell enrichment, peelings, radiofrequency and mesotherapy.

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Not only age but also some trades such as hairdressing or repetitive manual work injure the hands.
Women are becoming more conscious of it, especially after facial rejuvenation as a facelift.

Several innovative techniques can improve the aesthetics of the hands and make them more beautiful:

First the lipofilling of the hands: one takes a little fat where you have in excess with a small canula , under local anesthesia. Then it is reinjected in the dorsal of the hands to rehydrate the skin and especially camouflage the veins that remain too Visible as they age. Thus, the skeletal hands are treated for excessive aging.
Then, you can also treat the hands with medium or superficial peels, which will remove the fine lines and pigmentation.
To get a very fast treatment, we can inject a hyaluronic acid then do a superficial peeling.
This can be done during lunch time.

Another innovative technique: mesotherapy, PRP and stem cells

With injections of polyvitamins and hyaluronic acid or the use of your own centrifuged serum to activate platelets and release growth factors, PRP technique.

This injection of activated platelet serum is called plasma rich platelets or PRP. It is sometimes done with ambulatory lipofilling with mild and short sedation.

Another innovative and promising technique is to concentrate your own serum into young, stem cells with greater regenerative power. One can thus enrich stem cells in your own fat as part of the fat reintroduction of a lipofilling of the hands.
All these techniques can beautify hands , often damaged by work, age and excessive exposure to the sun.


Softer hands with less visible and smoother veins.
The contribution of lipofilling and PRP is fundamental here.
The fat re-injections restore volume and smooth the dorsum of the hands that are too bony; PRPs with the release of growth factors and stem cells , improve the texture of the skin and decrease so unpleasant aging spots.

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