Softlfing with tension threads

There are different threads for lifting. The principle is to introduce threads under the skin by a small incision under local anesthesia and to tighten the skin.
They are mainly used for the oval of the face, reinforcing the cheekbones and lifting the eyebrows and tighten the neck; They can also be used for other parts of the body.

The tension threads are resorbable or nonabsorbable.
Non-resorbable threads resemble surgical threads and contain small bands to hang and hold the dermis.

The resorbable threads use resorbable polylactic acid cones or balls that will retain the skin and create an additional layer of new collagen. We talk about biostimulation of collagen.
Their resorption stimulates the production of your own collagen, these tension threads are well tolerated (SILHOUETTE SOFT®).

Les fils tenserus et le soft lifting

The tension threads: is it for you?

If you have an oval face already damaged after a significant slimming or simply after 40 years, you can also raise your eyebrows and temples, regain the cheeks and stretch your neck a little.

Duration of these wires
12 to 18 months. The resorbable threads have the advantage of being reabsorbed and it is possible to put some threads back every year.


How do you apply tensor wires for face facial rejuvenation or soft lifting?

Skin cleansing is essential and a gentle antiseptic and anesthetic cream are applied. We decide with the patient the orientation of the tensor threads and we draw on the skin with pencils the orientation of these threads. 3 small points of local anesthesia and small incisions through which the threads are inserted. Normally we needed to threads per cheek and two on each side of the neck.

Complications (with well positioned threads)

They are exceptional. Visibility or even exteriorization of a non-resorbable thread that will be removed. In fact it is important to accept to have a modest result in term of cutaneous retention. This is not a surgical face lift but there is no scar. The ideal is the oval face a little collapsed, or raise the cheeks, or maintenance of a facelift.

Results to be expected with tension threads

The oval of the face is relieved and the slight rise of the cheeks creates the effect of facial rejuvenation.
Of course there are limits to the technique if the face is too loose, it is necessary to opt for a surgical facelift or the neck which alone will redistribute the volumes and rejuvenate the face for several years.
To do this, do not take aspirin or anticoagulant 10 to 15 days before treatment.

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