Lipofilling of the face, lipomodelling or lipostructure, cosmetic surgery of the face by liposuction and reinjection of fat

Facial lipofilling or lipomodelling uses injections of fat extracted from other parts of the body to the face. The fat that is used for this is you own and is called autologous fat.

Fat injections have already been used in the past for adding volume to the face or even for certain known pathologies such as scleroderma or facial hemiatrophies (Romberg disease). For the first 10 years, it was difficult to predict how much fat would remain over time after the injection. However, since then there’ve been a lot of scientific advances in that area: discovery of fat stem cells, growth factors released and activated during plasma treatments (PRP) and the way to enrich and concentrate the transfer of autologous fat. And now we can guarantee stable results for the lipofilling procedure. This allows us now to use fat injections for adding volume to sagging facial areas and rejuvenation of the skin.

How does this work?

Fat can be taken from almost any part of the body, however there is always an advantage in using an area that has not been treated with liposuction or liposuction before (provides better bioavailability of fat).

The fat is washed and concentrated by centrifuge or sedimentation and then isinjected with small syringes and cannulas very precisely to the subjected areas. (liposculpture). As the face over the years tends to take the shape of a "U" rather than the desired shape of a "V", this means that often a facelift can be associated with injections of fat on the cheekbones, under and around the eyes. Stem cells in fat have the capacity to transform themselves into new cells, which means that you can get a more stable result over time.

Another advantage of facial lipofilling, or facial lipomodelling, is that there is a radical change in the quality of the skin about one year later. The skin gets rejuvenated thanks to fat injections and the intruduction of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) enriched with activated cell growth factors.

Is this procedure for you?

This procedure is suitable to any person who has lost a lot of weight. It also can be used as the aesthetic consequences of obesity when it is necessary to straighten the whole body by liposuction, but also often to work on the face and neck and perform a cervico facial lifting.

Sometimes a lipofilling of the face is enough to fill the cheeks and therefore many men and women over 40 years are interested in facial lipofilling to have a more relaxed and youthful face.

Are there any possible complications after lipofilling of the face?

As with any intervention, drugs that are thinning the blood must be stopped 8 to 15 days before (aspirin, anticoagulants, and anti-inflammatory drugs in large doses).

Small complications are possible but rare; small bruises and swellings that will dissapear quickly.

Most often the cosmetic surgeon will slightly overcorrect the volume because it is necessary to consider a possible maximum fat absorption of 30%. A of course we can always offer a second session of lipofilling as for the lipofilling of the buttocks and of the breasts.

Avant/après un lipofilling du visage

What will be the result?

Usually the results are very the results are always enjoyable. Of course, to achieve that the patient's expectations must be well explained and discussed on the consultation before the procedure.

We have to mention, if the face looks very tired, an associated cervico-facial lifting is essential, the lipofilling of the face will not be able to correct all the imperfections.

Budget for a facial lipomodelling

Usually you should to plan a budget from 4000 € depending on the other additional treatments you might need.

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