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Lipofilling of the face, lipomodelling or lipostructure, cosmetic surgery of the face by liposuction and reinjection of fat

Fat injections for facial contour- Lipofilling

Fat injections means that we are transplanting fat from one area of the body to another, with the body’s own tissue

Fat injections have been used in the last 20 years for replacement of volume deficit in the face. During the first ten years, it was difficult to predict how much of the fat would remain over time after the injection. However, over the last 5 years with the discovery of stem cells in the fat and how to enrich the fat injections of the stem cells, the predictability of a permanent volume replacement has been much better.

Fat can be harvested from almost any part of the body, however it is always an advantage to use an area which has not been treated by liposuction before. The fat is washed and concentrated with centrifugation or sedimentation, and thereafter it is injected with small syringes and needles to get a perfect precision. As the face over years have a tendency to assume a U shape rather than the sought after V shape, that means that frequently a facelift is combined with the injection of fat over the malar imminence, under and around eyelids. The stem cells in the fat have the ability to transform themselves into new cells, which means that one can get a permanent result from these. Another advantage with the lipofilling in the face, is that we frequently see a radical positive change of the quality of the skin after 1 year.