What is the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)?

BBL, also known as buttock lipofilling, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that involves increasing the volume of the buttocks by injecting fat. Its name comes directly from Brazil, famous for its shapely buttocks.

Increase the volume and size of the buttocks: what technique?

If the patient's objective is to increase the volume and size of the buttocks, two techniques can be offered:

  • Lipofilling of the buttocks, also called liposculpture, which allows volume to be increased by fat injection. This procedure has the advantage of eliminating the patient's own areas of excess fat.
  • Buttock implants allow you to increase the volume in the buttocks.

What are the advantages of BBL or Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), also called buttock lipofilling, has many advantages.

Among them, this intervention allows you to obtain a natural result because the Brazilian Butt Lift uses fat from the patient's own body to increase the volume of the buttocks, which gives a natural and harmonious appearance.

It also allows the elimination of unwanted fat: During lipofilling of the buttocks, the fat is taken from areas where it is in excess, which allows the body to be sculpted by eliminating these unwanted pockets of fat.

Lipofilling of the buttocks carried out by Doctor Bergeret Galley in Paris allows you to obtain lasting results. Indeed, a large part of the fat injected during the Brazilian Butt Lift survives and becomes permanent, ensuring long-term results. The results depend on the quality of the fat available and the ability of the skin to tighten.

Who is the Bralizian Butt Lift or Lipofilling of the buttocks for?

The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is mainly aimed at people who want to increase the volume and improve the shape of their buttocks. More specifically, this intervention is generally recommended for people who have a lack of buttock volume, flat buttocks… Buttock lipofilling is suitable for people looking for a more natural solution than the placement of implants, for example, because it uses the patient's own fat.

However, it is important to note that the BBL is not suitable for everyone, and there are specific selection criteria.

Potential candidates should consult a qualified plastic surgeon such as Docteur Bergeret Galley in Paris to determine their eligibility for the procedure and discuss their aesthetic expectations and goals. In addition, the safety and quality of results largely depend on the choice of surgeon, so it is essential to choose an experienced and competent professional.

What are the areas of the body from which fat is taken for buttock lipofilling?

Buttock lipofilling or BBL generally involves the removal of fat from certain areas of the patient's body using liposuction. Commonly used areas for fat sampling include hips, abdomen, thighs, knees.

The cosmetic surgeon in Paris chooses the sampling area according to the patient's morphology and specific aesthetic objectives. The plastic surgeon will discuss with the patient the most appropriate areas to harvest fat in order to create the desired result while maintaining a harmonious aesthetic balance.

Can other operations be done at the same time as buttock lipofilling?

It is possible to combine buttock lipofilling with other interventions, adapted to each patient according to their weight and the extent of the liposuction required. Among the procedures frequently associated with buttock lipofilling are breast lipofilling, breast implant placement, breast lift and abdominoplasty.

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