In the 1st line facing voluntary solar exposures just like the face and the hands, an indisputable element of seduction, the cleavage can over time "betray us".

Discover the many solutions offered to the firm to restore clarity and tone

-Hydrate is essential! The skin of the neckline and neck is very fragile, fine and highly exposed. The first anti-wrinkle solution is hydration. Good hydration is first of all through a few mesotherapy or skinboosters sessions.

-Tone through radiofrequency:

From the 1st session, we can observe a small tightening effect.

The first results will come after 3 to 4 sessions and will continue to improve for a period of up to 6 months.

  • Standardize by processing tasks

For a dazzling neckline this summer, it's time to think about it!

Posté dans News, Body le 28 Jul 2018