The point with Dr. Catherine Bergeret, surgeon in Paris

Cosmetic surgery comes from restorative surgery, to meet specific needs.

From the pharaohs, the Egyptian surgeons were concerned to make "beautiful sutures".

Then, over the centuries, the war had the merit of advancing the techniques of reconstructive surgery with the means of the time. The first facelift to certainly creates the profession of cosmetic surgery, made for a movie actress. In Europe, and in France, the conflict of 14-18 and its famous "broken jaws" allowed a considerable rise of surgery of the face. Then the development of the press, the transatlantic trips ... accelerated the development thanks to the opening of real schools of aesthetic surgery across the planet.

Today, even if botulinum toxin, injections of fats or fillings allow to obtain appreciable results, the facelift remains an important demand.

As a cosmetic surgeon I am committed to explaining the details of this procedure which has never been so trendy.

Posté dans News, Face le 06 Dec 2018