Correct breast size

Breast augmentation is the best solution for getting a larger breast. In addition to increasing the size of the breasts, this cosmetic surgery procedure, which is now very popular around the world, can also play on the shape and shape of the breast. In France, women want a more natural, subtle form, with discreet breast prostheses, unlike the American or Brazilian model, where breast implants are intended to be bulky and opulent. Breast augmentation primarily used to reshape an insufficient volume of breasts compared to the morphology of some women, for others it represents the desire for a silhouette marked by very large breast prostheses. It can also be associated with drooping breast surgery, i.e. breast ptosis, when the gland collapses and the skin is distended. In this case, breast enhancement is done at the same time as breast augmentation.

The different existing solutions

Today, more than 40 years of experience and experience in the field of breast surgery allow operations to be carried out for each taste. In terms of breast prostheses, volume, texture and shape can be chosen in advance. The filling product being either physiological saline or silicone gel, the envelope must be made of elastic silicone. Depending on the manufacturer's range, the filling and the shape can vary. Breast implants are placed in two ways, either in front of or behind the mammary gland and the pectoralis major muscle. As for the scar, it will be the result of an incision directly on the areola, or in the armpit area, or even in the submammary fold.

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