We tend to know our face well from the front but less from the side. Many patients say they do not like their profile, finding it flat and not harmonious, with a lower jaw that is too far back for example.

It is possible to embellish a profile without surgery, this is called profiloplasty.

The elements of the profile such as the shape of the nose, the volume of the lips, the projection of the chin and the forehead play a major role in the beauty of the face.

Profiloplasty makes it possible to restore harmony to a face by rebalancing the proportions. First, a global and morphological analysis of the face is performed.

Then we analyze which part of the face needs to be advanced or not in order to obtain the most beautiful harmony.

This technique is intended for patients who wish to erase imperfections without surgery. The volume of the lips plays an important role in the aesthetics of the profile. As we age, our lips tend to become thinner and give a severe or pinched look.

Posté dans News le 06 Jun 2022