The pre-operative period and care takes place before the surgery. Two principles will define the objective of preoperative monitoring:

Physically and psychologically prepare the patient for the intervention he will undergo;

Collect all possible physical and biological data. This will allow me to operate under the best conditions in terms of efficiency and safety.

Before he is admitted, I visit the patient (several times if necessary): this is the stage of informed consent.

Thanks to informed consent, the patient will receive clear and precise information. He will thus be able to understand exactly what the proposed acts and prescriptions are, the interest in his health and the negative consequences of a refusal. I help with his reflection and all the necessary explanations.

Informed consent is not an end in itself, but it is a strong sign of good interpersonal quality.

During the consultation and thanks to informed consent, I would be a guide for the patient who will then decide whether or not to continue the surgical procedure.

Posté dans News, Body le 21 May 2018