In beauty the first striking thing is harmony. Like a balance, a reassuring symmetry, a softness that caresses the eye.

During a consultation, it is important to take into account your face as a whole. This will allow us to inject in the best way, so as not to fall into the exaggeration of "caricatures".

Women will not be treated in the same way as men.

Age also plays a role because a 50-year-old patient is not injected in the same amounts as a 25-year-old patient. A brow that is too smooth at 60 can be disturbing...

Let us not forget the temporal cavities dug and which narrow the forehead, it will be necessary to use the injection of hyaluronic acid.

The poor position of the eyebrows will dictate the need for endoscopic brow lift, especially when the eyebrows are too low. This gives a very severe or depressed or sad look. The brow lift repositions the eyebrows and stabilizes their position.

Posté dans News, Face le 02 Jan 2019