What exactly is “Barbie Botox”?

The term "Barbie Tox" or Trap Tox is not a medical practice or a medically recognized term in aesthetic medicine that is popular in the United States. This is a set of cosmetic procedures aimed at achieving an appearance close to the Barbie doll.

The Barbie Tox trend: Associated characteristics

The "Barbie Tox" generally aims to achieve an aesthetic appearance associated with characteristics perceived as elegant, delicate and harmonious, often inspired by the appearance of the Barbie doll.

Some of the aesthetic features targeted in this trend include:

Slender neck: The goal is to achieve a thin, slender neck, without excess skin or fat under the chin, creating a smooth transition between the face and bust.

Defined Shoulders: A more defined and aesthetically pleasing shoulder appearance can be achieved, with attention paid to a sharper, graceful shoulder line.

Smooth, even-toned skin: Smooth, glowing, even-toned skin is often a goal, with a reduction in fine lines, age spots, and improvement in skin texture.

Defined facial features: More defined facial features, such as high cheekbones, a defined chin, and a harmonic facial contour, can also be sought to achieve a sculpted and balanced appearance.

Luminous eyes: A more alert and bright look is often desired, with sparkling eyes and a less tired appearance, sometimes obtained thanks to aesthetic treatments around the eyes.

Barbie Tox: The treatments carried out

Young women have the upper part of the trapezius muscle (which is a very large, dorsal and cervical muscle, and very often thickened in bodybuilders) injected with one to two vials of botulinum toxin (on average 100 to 200 units per side) in order to to reduce the strength and protrusion of this muscle on either side of the cervical spine.

French plastic surgeons do not favor this type of technique which, if carried out without a true indication, is useless.

The Barbie Tox: who is this intervention aimed at?

This intervention is recommended in cases of unbearable tension of the muscle, permanent contraction, specific pain upon pressure of the muscle or radiating into the skull, headaches, are specific indications which require therapeutic treatment.

There is indeed this type of indication among body builders, addicted to intensive bodybuilding, but also to corticosteroid injections, to the ingestion of corticosteroids and also to growth hormone injections.

Many body builders develop a bull neck, especially women, which is very unsightly and above all functionally painful. All the muscles of the neck and spine hypertrophy and of course the trapezius with pain in the muscular body, but also in the insertion tendons.

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