The use of our own fat

The use of our own fat as a filler to restore volume loss is now a recognized fact.

But our own fat can also be reinjected very superficially.

Our own fat is removed during a liposuction procedure containing a large number of stem cells at a rate a thousand times higher than that of a traditional fat removal procedure.

Nano-lipofilling or nano-lipostructure is an innovative technique based on the injection of a more liquid emulsified fat that can be reinjected superficially into the skin.

This fraction, rich in stem cells and growth factors, no longer contains fat cells, as the mature adipocytes have been eliminated.

More than an aesthetic effect, these cells can literally regenerate the tissues, and thus improve the texture, quality and radiance of the skin.

By using this very finely transformed fat, we can then inject it through very fine needles or cannulas and treat areas such as dark circles, neckline, fine lines of the mouth, hands, scars...

Posté dans News le 21 Jan 2023