ur facial expressions are signs of what we are experiencing and/or feeling

Our facial expressions are signs of what we are experiencing and/or feeling; a wrinkled forehead can make you look angry and drooping eyebrows can make you look sad or tired even if you are not. A brow lift can put your eyebrows back in their original place and erase the wrinkles and furrows on your forehead, giving you an open and alert look and at the same time erasing years of worry from your face.

A forehead lift is often performed simultaneously with other facial surgery techniques such as eyelid surgery to give the eyelids a more youthful appearance, and also simultaneously with a brow lift to give the lower face the same youthful appearance as the forehead; other techniques that can be included are lipostructure to restore volume where it is lacking and possibly chemical peels to give the skin surface a younger, healthier look.

When it comes to technical considerations, the most modern tool in facial surgery is the endoscopic technique. With only 3 small incisions, 3 cm long, behind the hairline, the entire procedure is done without visible post-operative scarring. During the operation, the muscles that create the wrinkles and furrows between the eyebrows are attenuated and, if necessary, the position of the eyebrows is raised to give a more youthful and relaxed appearance. Another way of treating the muscles between the eyebrows is through incisions in the upper eyelids in case upper eyelid surgery is performed at the same time.

Facial expression

The incisions are closed with surgical clips that make it unnecessary to shave the hair. They will be removed between 10 to 15 days, and the hair can be washed the day after the operation. The surgeon will ask you to keep your head elevated day and night until all swelling has gone. You can therefore wash your hair with shampoo the day after the operation and resume light activities is possible after a few days, and in 10 days the swelling will have mostly disappeared; the clips and sutures in the hair will be removed as soon as possible to return to work. Use sun protection and follow all the surgeon's post-operative advice to obtain the best possible result.

Posté dans News, Face le 21 May 2020