Tuberous small deformed breasts

Tuberous breasts are generally characterized for small and malformed breasts is a condition that develops at puberty. The tuberous breast is equivalent to an abnormality in the development of breast tissue in young girls. This condition can occur in various forms, from mild to severe, regardless of size. As this condition is usually quite subjective, some women may go their whole life without considering their breasts as "wrong" and others, especially young women with an excessively small and malformed tuberous breast, may be really embarrassed by its appearance.

Tuberous breasts are often deformed, sometimes asymmetrical, and usually have an overly large, dome-shaped, swollen nipple. The breasts are usually very wide apart. Instead of having a round appearance, tuberous breasts may appear oval, pointed or square, or even folded.

This condition can only be treated with plastic surgery. It can be done in one or two steps, with or without an implant. In the case of very small breasts, an expansion of the skin will be used to create the space where the final implant can be placed later. If the woman does not need a large augmentation and it is possible, the breast reshaping can be done with injections of her own fat, lipofilling in one or more sessions.

Here is an example of an operation for the correction of tuberous breasts with breast implants performed by Dr. Catherine Bergeret-Galley :

Cure of a breast hypoplasia with stage 1 tuberous breasts for a young girl

Tuberous breasts before surgery

Retro muscular implantation, scars under the breast, otherwise the incision could also be made in areola, the scars fade quickly. The prostheses chosen to have a slight difference in volume to compensate for the patient's natural asymmetry.

And here's our 1-week result. The patient is very satisfied: the breasts are natural; they are adapted to the patient's morphology and give her a more feminine physical appearance than she had before.

Tuberous breasts before/after surgery

Tuberous breasts before after surgery

Tuberous breasts before after surgery

Almost the same results can be achieved without an implant with only fat grafting. Here is a patient which corrected her tuberous breasts with 2 seances of lipofilling.

seins tubereux avant/après opération avec

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