After rapid and significant weight loss, or because of age, some women have Batman syndrome: arms with loose skin, which makes them complex. Cosmetic surgery may be a solution.

Even if cosmetic surgery can be frightening, it remains essential especially in case of strong weight loss.

To avoid the famous "Batman arm" following a strong weight loss, between 30 and 60 kg, surgery allows to combine two interventions: liposuction, which will suck up excess fat, and brachioplasty which eliminates the sagging skin on the inside of the arm.

The operation lasts an hour and a half, under general sedation and local anesthesia.

An operation with final results, if the weight remains stable. And with a fine scar, which is barely visible, on the inside of the arm.

What does aesthetic medicine offer?

Mesotherapy, which tightens the skin a little, radiofrequency, which produces collagen, but in small quantities, in short, techniques that only work in the event of slight relaxation.

No more saying goodbye to light t-shirts and dresses!

Posté dans News, Face le 26 Feb 2017