The eye contour area is a very fragile area and one of the first to show effects related to aging. We must intervene gently and be concerned about it in time. The goal will be to revive, lighten or reboost simply a slightly extinguished look.

We're going to focus on the hollow eye, but what is a hollow eye?

It is the translation of a lack of fat around the eye. This has the effect of digging the upper eyelid, most often, but also the lower eyelid.

If pockets of fat give a tired look, the hollow eye can lead to a sick appearance.

Maintaining the harmony of the eye frame is very important, so instead of intervening separately on the lower eyelids, dark circles or cheekbones, it is preferable to intervene on the contiguity and anatomical entanglement of these three regions, logically lead to treating them during the same operation, if there is an indication and a request from the patient of course.

Lipofilling consists in injecting your own fat in order to gently fill the hollow so as not to have an "over-corrected" appearance. This technique is well suited for people who do not want to use an injectable product or who want a very natural result.

Posté dans News, Face le 03 Jan 2019