Or a pustule filled with pus. Only superficial pustules can be incised or evacuated…

The rest of the time, you should avoid handling acne spots. It is necessary to provide a basic treatment which allows the spots to dry out. Many Dermo cosmetic creams are very effective for their keratolytic action, that is to say they exfoliate the skin and at the same time, treat the pilosebaceous gland by depth. You can always add salicylic acid in pure extract pure state

— Which helps dry out pimples. there are other preparations generally presented in tubes to put in the handbag or pocket to dry up pimples during the day and a concealer to also camouflage them and avoid fiddling.

Fundamental treatment of acne is essential. In the most serious cases there are oral drug treatments, which will be prescribed with increased monitoring due to their potential liver toxicity.

— Acne that has not been treated or severe acne results in hard, often deep, inflammatory cysts, forming a hypertrophic papule on the surface and painful. It is extremely debilitating. The basic treatment of acne must be reinforced and mechanical dermabrasion must be provided which will allow the superficial layers of the skin to be exfoliated and the cysts to open.

— It will also be necessary to help in cases of hypertrophic cyst with local injections of diluted corticosteroids. Acne is a treatment to be taken seriously. There are many current devices that can treat mild acne, in particular by drying the skin, such as superficial or medium peels, the application of topicals based on zinc and salicylic acid and glycolic acid.

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