When the skin loses tone, there are combined treatment protocols that allow for optimal results. Dehydration and thinning of the dermis over time are responsible for skin atony. The skin of the face and neck is less firm to the touch.

With aging and sagging of the tissues, the central part of the face tends to fall. The face will then lose its oval shape and take on a tired appearance. Exfoliating these jowls will restore the oval of the face, making it look younger and more dynamic.

  • The first solution is to "cheat" by injecting a filler around the jowl. Indeed, because of the jowl, the line of the oval of the face is irregular and consequently presents a hollow just in front and just behind the jowl.

By filling in these 2 hollows (just in front and just behind the jowl), the result will be a harmonization of the oval of the face by recreating a beautiful jaw line.

  • The second solution, more invasive but more durable, consists of a cervico-facial lift. The postoperative period generally requires a period of 10 to 15 days of social eviction, but the result lasts for about ten years. Another facelift is always possible afterwards.

  • Mesolift consists of superficial injections of a mixture of products that will nourish and stimulate the dermis. This mesotherapy process will have an antioxidant effect and stimulate collagen synthesis as well as hydrate the tissues.

Posté dans News le 18 Apr 2021