In the first line facing sun exposure, an indisputable element of seduction, the neckline can over time "betray" your age.

How to protect it daily?

The first anti-wrinkle solution is hydration. Good hydration is first and foremost through the application of a moisturizer if possible containing antioxidants. We must not forget the application of a sun filter (SPF50)

During the consultation in the office we will be able to improve its texture, reduce stains, improve the complexion ...

In the presence of dehydrated skin that will reveal some wrinkles or a “wrinkled” appearance, superficial microinjections of hyaluronic acid - mesolift - will plump and rehydrate the skin.

PRP is also interesting for acting on the direct consequences of aging. Once reinjected under the skin, PRP accelerates the healing process by stimulating collagen synthesis, vascularization and tissue repair.

A first consultation will allow you to talk about it and offer you an objective treatment that is appropriate according to your needs and the most innovative treatment possibilities.

Posté dans News, Body le 28 Jul 2018