In life you have to assert more than ever your personality and the audacity of your choices. But if there is one that must be discreet and cute, it is your nose!

Rhinoplasty, to my regret, is not always discreet, yet it should be.

Although the nose is located in the center of the face, a beautiful nose should not attract attention. In other words, the nose must remain anonymous. The gaze should rather be directed towards other pleasant features, such as the eyes. Unfortunately, an unpleasant nose can attract untimely attention. The nose is unique in that its beauty is due to its anonymity.

The shape of the nose can change with age since, like the ears, it is an organ that keeps growing over time. It is therefore necessary to intervene on the appearance of the nose only when it is the source of important complexes or genes.

Functional rhinoplasty will, for example, make it possible to straighten the nasal septum which is very often deflected and which can generate a respiratory problem and limit sports such as endurance racing.

Corrective rhinoplasty will transform the morphology of the nose in its bony and cartilaginous parts and give a more proportioned, more satisfying nose.

These interventions make it possible to reduce, to thin out, to straighten, to shorten, to refine a nose, within the limits of the possible.

Posté dans News, Face le 08 Mar 2018