Confinement is conducive to weight gain because stress favors emotional eating (e.g., snacking) and the absence of moderate physical activity, which reduces energy expenditure.

Weight gain can unbalance diseases associated with overweight such as diabetes, hypertension, hypertriglyceridemia, hypercholesterolemia, sleep apnea, hepatic steatosis, arthritis

A repercussion on the morale can occur, especially if one is alone. Obesity sometimes leads to a poor self-image with social repercussions which, in some cases, can lead to isolation aggravated by confinement.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that consists of selectively removing localized fatty areas that do not disappear after appropriate weight loss.

Liposuction, contrary to some preconceived ideas, is not a weight loss method, but it can help you especially if you change your habits and if you are looking for a "starter" technique to start losing weight.

The principle of liposuction is to perform a non-traumatic and harmonious aspiration of fat cells called "adipocytes".

A technique for both men and women!  More and more men are being tempted by liposuction. The areas most often accessible to liposuction in men are the stomach, the love handles, the thora and then the inner thighs.

Posté dans News le 14 Mar 2021