Surgery, a teamwork

Sometimes patients tend to think that an operation is a definitive treatment for their problem, and in some cases this is true. But usually the operation is a good start or a perfect finale to the transformation. Liposuction alone does not eliminate 20 kg of excess weight or, other example, dermabrasion will help to even out the skin after acne but will not prevent its appearance if you do not change your lifestyle and if the acne is not treated.

"The surgery is essential, but alone it's not enough, and if I like to work in a team, it's mainly to optimize results. Patients are sometimes surprised to discover the importance of multi-factorial management, but they quickly become grateful when they see results that are both fast and stable over time," says Dr Catherine Bergeret-Galley.

When it comes to body rejuvenation, whether it's for breasts that are too large and heavy, a distended belly, breast reconstruction after amputation or obesity, I rarely think of treating a patient alone," continues Catherine Bergeret-Galley. A nutritionist helps patients lose and maintain their weight after liposuction, sometimes even before the procedure. I also sometimes advise consulting an endocrinologist to balance hormones and sometimes a psychologist to avoid taking refuge in food. Often after the operation, I recommend that they refine the result with facial or body beauty care: draining massages, LEDs, pressotherapy, gymnastics and diet rebalancing. As far as facial rejuvenation is concerned, I do not hesitate to postpone surgery if less invasive treatments could provide good results. An example: a cervicofacial lift is rarely indicated before the age of 40. Currently, injectable fillers, the famous botulinum toxin (BOTOX, Azzalure, Dysport, Boccouture, Vistabel ...) and resorbable PPDO tensor threads or permanent threads (Infinite Threads, Aptos ...) offer an excellent compromise when the face is thinned and the skin is moderately distended. Before one or more sessions of injection of fillers, I recommend skin care with an aesthetic treatments, including a peel.

Before a facelift I like a deep cleansing and exfoliation, massages that stimulate the skin and its superficial circulation, and the application of creams based on hyaluronic acid, liposomes and/or vitamins A and C. Afterwards, I recommend lymphatic drainage sessions. »

Posté dans News le 08 Jun 2020