What could be more beautiful than a smile? than this almost indelible emotion in a moment of celebration? The shy, sarcastic, carnivorous, glamorous, conqueror smile... we have nineteen of them... 

How many times do we smile a day? Impossible to say, as it depends so much on personalities and moments. 

When was the first one? At birth, it doesn't exist. It appears in the baby between its 30th and 45th day, at the latest at 3 months, to express satisfaction at the sight of a familiar person.

The smile is another language, a means of translating what remains silent in us. Far from being an "under-smiling", it opens up multiple universes: there is the open smile of the lover, the embarrassed of the shy, the conqueror of the seducer, the serene of Buddha. 

No matter what yours is, no matter what you are going to do tomorrow, aesthetic medicine is there to embellish it!

Pulpy, soft lips are associated with youth, and injections of fillers can help regain the volume lost with age. 

Posté dans News le 08 Jul 2020