After losing its love rating with women for many years, the facelift is gaining momentum. Thanks to what ?

The fact that it remains irreplaceable to correct sagging tissue. The incisions bypass the ear and are not visible.

The association with a lipofilling makes it possible to complete the perfect redistribution of cheek and oval cheek volumes and to project the brow bone which descends with age. The facelift is also less aggressive, localized and associated with medical techniques, it offers today more natural results than ever. This new combination even changed the game.

In addition, the quality of the skin will be enhanced by the action of stem cells or stem cells contained in the transferred fat. The facelift deserves a combination of medical techniques to redensify the skin, erase the last fine lines and lighten it.

Redensification and restructuring of the dermis with mesotherapy

An action on several alterations, in a safe way and without social eviction.

  • Treating fine lines, wrinkles, lack of radiance, sagging skin
  • Acne and acne scars.

This technique offers double stimulation; chemical and mechanical.

Hydration and skin quality with skinboosters

Plump the face nicely and restore its radiance, the air of nothing. A technique that lies between anti-aging mesotherapy (mesolift), with an ephemeral glow, and filling, intended to fill a wrinkle or a hollow.

Skin lightening with peels

Treat laxity of the skin, producing flaking that removes the epidermis. This will erase fine lines, reduce wrinkles ... in a way put the skin back under tension!

Posté dans News, Face le 26 Feb 2017