Your skin after COVID 19: non-invasive treatments

While you are cocooning at home during the COVID-19 confinement you have time to plan for the summer season. Long winter, staying at home on quarantine, eating pizza in bed, drinking slightly too much… all this gives the skin a dull and tired look. Here are few recommendations from Docteur Bergeret-Galley, plastic surgeon in Paris for getting your skin boosted for the summer:

Home skincare solutions, while still in confinement

When the cold season is finished your skin immediately feels the change of humidity levels. That is the moment you need to start exfoliating the dull and dry skin and fight excessive production of oils. Start on light scrubs for cleansing clogged pores and serums containing glycolic and lactic acid for oily skin.

Now it is also the time to change heavy, rich creams to much lighter texture moisturizing gels with an addition of hyaluronic acid for extra protection from UV damage. Remember that serums containing retinol you might have used this winter as part of you anti-age routine, makes skin more sensible to the sunlight , so consider changing it to the milder retinol or non-hydroquinone serums.

Do not forget to boost your sunscreen protection, as we all know that the sun is not the best friend of your skin. And serum or cream enriched with Vitamin C will be an excellent antioxidant for your fresh glowing skin this summer.

Peeling chimique autour de la bouche

Professional skincare for spring

You can already plan your visit to the aesthetic surgeon cabinet to get a micro needling therapy with PRP (mesotherapy with platelet rich plasma). This cosmetic procedure uses tiny needles to inject your skin with stem cells and growth factors for giving a boost of natural collagen and elastin production. Not only it gives you an immediate result of glowing beautiful skin but also softens some of the fine wrinkles.

If your concern is not only tired and dull complexion but also acne scars, age spots or broken blood vessels you could make an appointment for a chemical peel. If you choose to have shallow Glycolic acid peel you have no healing period at all, which means you can do it on your way to work and feel immediate improvement. For the medium or deep peeling the healing time will be longer but proportionate to the achieved results.

Some people are very conservative when it comes to chemicals, for those patients cosmetic surgery can always offer a dermabrasive face peeling. Basically, it is a mechanical removal of the upper layer of your skin, an exfoliation. Same as chemical peeling it can have different levels from light to deep dermabrasion, and the results of this non-invasive facial rejuvenation will be ranging from smooth and renewed skin to improvement of deep wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

Please, note that all the skin treatments are making your skin temporary sensitive to sun, so be careful and protect your skin with creams and other special cosmetic products, that can be recommended by your cosmetic surgeon.

Prepare your body for heat

Getting ready for the hot season does not only involve the preparation of the face, but also a body. As we speak of non-invasive cosmetic treatments, we should mention the problem of hypersudation which some people experience. If you feel that you transpire too much and are afraid that this can become a problem for your summer style, you can plan a seance of BOTOX injections. With botulinum toxin you can treat both excessive sweating from the armpits and of the hands/feet. The result of this procedure will be the reduction of the perspiration up to 80%, and if you want to keep this result long-term it is recommended to repeat the procedure every 6 month.

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