Wound healing is a major problem for many older adults. In addition, chronic skin ulcers that do not heal are a major source of health care costs and patient morbidity and mortality.

Human skin repairs itself slowly, via the formation of contractile scars that can lead to dysfunction. In contrast, the salamander can easily regrow a severed limb, the spiny mouse has densely hairy skin that heals at a remarkable rate, and the skin of the growing human embryo can regenerate after trauma without the need for scar formation. By studying these examples, scientists are finding clues on how to improve skin healing through a more regenerative response. During an operation we have the URGO laser at our disposal -

✅Urgotouch® is a portable laser designed for preventive scar treatment in the operating room in a simple, safe and painless procedure. By acting early in the deepest part of the skin, it optimizes tissue reconstruction to obtain less visible scars.

Posté dans News le 26 Dec 2022