Rhinoplasty will treat a hollow at the tip or wings of the nose. To treat a saddleback of the nose, giving a trumpet nose appearance.

Correct a projection defect of the tip or dorsum of the nose in profile.

Correct the depression of a part of the nose giving a deviated appearance...

Although the nose is located in the center of the face, a beautiful nose should not attract attention.

In other words, the nose should remain anonymous. Instead, the gaze should be directed to other pleasing features, such as the eyes.

Unfortunately, an unattractive nose can attract unwanted attention.

When looking at a nose, for example, large protrusions or a sagging nose tip are perceived as undesirable, whereas a smooth, gentle profile is attractive.

For some features, it is a matter of degree. For example, some pronounced asymmetries are undesirable, while those that are less pronounced may give a more natural appearance or lend a certain charm to the nose....

Posté dans News le 21 May 2022