The main cause of skin degeneration on the face is age, to which is added chronic exposure to the sun.

This is called “solar elastosis”: fine lines appear and the skin becomes darker and thicker. The phenomenon is due to the degradation of the elastin matrix, a fibrous protein that gives the skin its elasticity. For some time we have been able to use autologous mesenchymal stem cells to regenerate skin damaged by trauma or degeneration.

Did you know ? There are three kinds of elastic fibers, which give the skin its elasticity: oxytalan fibers, elaunine fibers and so-called “mature” elastic fibers. All three are distinguished by their composition of microfibrils and elastin. It is the latter that gives the elastic fibers their elasticity and resilience and thus allows the skin to return to its original position when it is pinched or stretched.

Posté dans News le 11 Aug 2023