To begin, it is important to note that diastasis is a physical condition and not a disease. In many women, diastasis may resolve naturally after childbirth. However, in some cases where the muscle separation is more pronounced and does not recover spontaneously, surgery may be considered. Among the options available, abdominoplasty which can be performed at Doctor Bergeret's office in Paris is a commonly recommended procedure to repair diastasis and restore the appearance and function of the abdominal wall.

The causes of diastasis

Diastasis, mainly affecting pregnant women, is a condition where the development of the fetus causes the abdominal muscles to stretch. This muscle separation is often seen after childbirth, during the postpartum period. It can occur during significant weight gain, particularly in the abdominal region, but also aging and reduced muscle tone can also contribute to its appearance.

Abdominoplasty as a solution to diastasis.

It is crucial to note that physical exercise, despite its many benefits, cannot cure diastasis. The only solution to correct this condition is surgical intervention: abdominoplasty. This procedure requires extensive preparation, involving two prior cosmetic surgery consultations with your cosmetic surgeon in Paris. These consultations are decisive for analyzing the state of the stomach and developing a surgical strategy specifically adapted to each case. It will sometimes be necessary to carry out liposuction of the hips of the stomach and abdominoplasty, breast prosthesis, abdominoplasty or breast lipofilling H2: Abdominoplasty and pregnancy It is important to emphasize that no surgery, including abdominoplasty, should be considered during pregnancy (mommy makeover). The health and safety of the mother and fetus is paramount and should always be the priority.

Abdominoplasty and treatment

The abdominoplasty performed by your cosmetic surgeon in Paris can be covered by Social Security. Indeed, in cases of diastasis, treatment depends on several factors. Abdominoplasty is generally considered cosmetic surgery, but in some cases it may be recognized as a medical necessity, particularly in the presence of rectal diastasis or other medical complications. Your cosmetic surgeon will be best able to answer you. Do not hesitate to make an appointment with Doctor Bergeret Galley.

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