Weight gain is not a problem in and of itself, and was to be expected when stress and energy expenditure were limited. More time at home sometimes means more time spent preparing meals but also more opportunities to snack.

But we must not forget that having a harmonious figure allows us to feel good in our body and in our mind.

Aesthetic surgery of the silhouette treats the whole of the contours of the body to remove excess fat or, on the contrary, to restore volume to certain parts. Depending on the areas to be treated and the patient's wishes, the legs, thighs, arms, buttocks or stomach can be sculpted using a wide range of procedures.

Liposuction or liposuction allows for the reshaping of body lines by removing excess fat.

This is the main procedure in body contouring surgery, leaving almost no scars and effectively treating saddlebags, round bellies in men and all areas where fat is stored but cannot be eliminated through sport.

Posté dans News le 12 Apr 2021