Refreshing ear lobes

Since the dawn of time, ears have been sublimated, enhanced with an ultimate precious stone or not, with a gold or silver buckle.

But our ear lobes age, they lose material, become more elastic as a result the proportions change. The lobes spread out, the skin becomes more loose and has wrinkles. The natural bulge disappears and the lobes become less firm.

Ear lobes can therefore betray age. Several indications, different answers…

The emptied lobes lengthen and age a face. The repeated wearing of heavy earrings will, with gravity, pull the lower part of the lobe down and therefore refine it. The injection of hyaluronic acid will correct this with an injection of hyaluronic acid which will plump and therefore tighten the ear lobe.

Ear lobes wrinkled over the years, a gentle peel that we can combine with an injection of hyaluronic acid can erase fine lines.

Cosmetic medicine having imitation, then the ear lobes torn by the earrings are relatively frequent and then only a light surgical procedure can glue the two parts of the lobe. An operation which is generally carried out under local anesthesia. Post-operative pain is mild.

Thus, the lobe finds a nice bulge….

Posté dans News, Face le 18 Apr 2016